Don't get stuck in a meeting or on a date from hell!

You don't want to hurt peoples' feelings but you also shouldn't have to suffer because some chowderhead wants to yak until the end of time. Save Me is your ticket out!

How it works

Just set a few parameters and hit Run. At the time of your choosing, your phone rings or vibrates. A minute after you politely shut it off, it sends you a voicemail vibration or tone indicating that the message is something you need to handle. Dumb luck that, now you'll have to excuse yourself....

Save Me can also send an SMS to an accomplice so they can fetch you in person.


Installing Save Me

Just browse to this page with your Android phone, click on this link, and choose Package Installer when it asks what to do with the file. Your phone will tell you the app needs to access parts of your phone to run. I promise that it does so only for the purpose of alerting you or people you specify for purposes of bailing you out of crummy situations. No information is shared with anyone for any purpose, including quality control.

Save Me is not available from the Android Marketplace due to a current technical limitation with the development environment I used. This means that to install it, you need to go into Settings -- Applications and check the box that allows you to install apps from Unknown Sources.

If that makes you nervous, I don't blame you, though the reality is that if you use the regular development environment, the only quality control Google imposes is a $25 developer fee which will only deter the most casual cheapskates from posting crap or malware.

If you would feel more comfortable installing an app if you knew me, the good news is that's easier than you think. If you hit the "Contact" button, you'll find my real name. You can find my address, phone number, and all that nonsense quite easily since I'm the only Kyle Banerjee in the world as far as I can tell. If you google me, you'll find out more than you want to know.


Save Me retains your configuration preferences on your phone and can send text messages. However, it does not share any information, even anonymously, for any reason. I do not know who uses this program, how it is used, or how well it works unless you initiate direct contact. I can't even be bothered to follow the small details in my own life, let alone anyone else's.

When you download this app, Android will tell you it accesses your SD card, the text messaging system, and the network. These permissions are used exclusively for alerting you and/or your accomplice who is going to bail you out.